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Projects for Bid

The University opens all Bids in public and posts the Bid results after the Bid opening in a public place at our main Contracting Services office address where the Bids are received (unless another address is specified in the Bidding Documents).

Bid results are not available by telephone, facsimile, or e-mail. All bids are reviewed and the information reformatted prior to posting on this website. The posted website Bid results may not be available for 72 hours or longer after Bid opening, are for information only, and do not represent the official Bid results, final selection, or award of contract.

Project No. FM230418S/987076
Posted 5/23/2024

Project No. FM240057SR/986000
Posted 5/08/2024

Project No. FM230375SR/100-47
Posted 4/17/2024

Project No. FM240131B/987090
Posted 4/16/2024

Project No. FM240212B/987086
Posted 4/08/2024