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Biology II 4th Floor Renovation and HVAC Modernization

Posted 4/25/2014


PRIME CM/GC: Soltek Pacific Construction Co.

Posted 6/10/2014

PROSPECTIVE SUBCONTRACTOR(S) SUBCONTRACTOR PREQUALIFICATION (No Bids Are Being Accepted At This Time) Subject to conditions prescribed by Soltek Pacific Construction, Construction Manager At Risk (“CMAR”) and the University of California, Santa Barbara (“University”), responses to the Prequalification of Subtrade Contractors are sought from prospective bidders for the Biology II 4th Floor Lab Renovation and HVAC Modernization project. PREQUALIFICATION OF PROSPECTIVE SUBCONTRACTORS The CMAR and the University have determined that bidders who submit bids on this project must be prequalified. Prequalified bidders will be required to pass the Prequalification Evaluation and have a current California Contractors License for the specific trade or discipline. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF WORK The Work encompasses 2 projects (Project ‘A’ and Project ‘B’) that involves construction of a new research laboratory on the East half of the 4th floor of the Biology II building, plus demolition and reinstallation of selective portions of existing mechanical ductwork and equipment for all floors (1st thru 5th, plus roof & basement) of the Biology II building that will remain occupied and functioning during construction. This Work shall utilize prevailing wage rates. PREQUALIFICATION SCHEDULE Prequalification Documents will be available online on Soltek Pacific Construction estimating website on July 18, 2014. Firms with qualifications that include experience in the construction of projects similar in scale, complexity and scope are encouraged to respond. The Prequalification Documents will be available for download on the above referenced date on the UCSB planroom by clicking on to ‘Public Jobs’ then to “Biology II 4th Floor Renovation and HVAC Modernization’, or, Soltek Pacific Construction estimating plan room page at: http://soltekpacific.com (scroll down to a

Posted 7/24/2014

PROSPECTIVE SUBCONTRACTOR(S): The successful CM/General Contractor, Soltek Pacific Construction, will initially perform Phase 1 (pre-construction) services to include the prequalification of selected subtrades and the development, advertising, competitive bidding and award of subcontractor bid packages. Phase 1 services are expected to run through early-September 2014, and the various subcontractor trade packages will be bid out by Soltek Pacific Construction on or about that time. After Phase 1 services are complete the University may, at its discretion, exercise Phase 2 (construction) services. Subcontractors interested in participating in Phase 2 (construction) services for the project should contact Ron Hicks, Soltek Pacific Construction, at rhicks@soltekpacific.com. The Bid Summary for the various subtrade packages is posted on the UCSB project planroom page under “View Addenda” at www.ucsbplanroom.com (click "Public Jobs").

Posted 10/27/2014