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Posted 7/27/2005


All bids received are being reviewed and under advisement by the University. Bid results will be posted when the Apparent Lowest Responsible Bidder has been identified.

Posted 7/27/2005

Bid opening date has been changed to 2:30 P.M., Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Posted 9/08/2005

BID RESULTS: The opening of bid and evaluation of Alternates will be conducted in accordance with a procedure that prevents before determination of the apparent low Bidder has been made, information that would identify any of the Bidders from being revealed to the representaive of the University. After determination of the apparent low Bidder has been made, University will publicly disclose the identity of each Bidder that submitted a Bid and the amount of each such Bid.

Posted 11/17/2005

REJECT ALL BIDS: The University has rejected all bids for this project. This project will be reviewed and bid again at a later date. We thank everyone for all the time and effort their firms expended to bid this project and we encourage everyone to bid on future projects at the University.

Posted 1/05/2006