UCSB DFSS Contracting Services

Pre-qualification Documents

You may download the Request for Qualifications/Advertisement document for instruction and details, however, you must download and return the Statement of Qualifications in order to be considered.

Base Qualification Questionnaire

All prime bidding contractors AND, if using, its Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing ("MEP") subcontractors participating in informal competitive bidding on University projects with an anticipated value between $300,000 and $640,000 (aka "Tier 2 Informal Bid Solicitations") must be Base Qualified by the University.

In order for a prime bidder or MEP subcontractor to be successfully "Base Qualified", the firm must meet all of the requirements set forth in the University-approved Base Qualification Questionnaire. Prospective bidders may, at the University's sole discretion, be required to satisfy additional project specific qualifications or criteria in addition to the listed Base Qualification Questionnaire requirements.

The Base Qualification Questionnaire can be accessed via the hyperlink above, or by requesting an electronic or hard copy of that document from the University at sofia.masaitis@ucsb.edu.