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Campus Paving (Job Order Contract)

Posted 7/12/2013


Construction/Bidding Documents are available to prospective bidders via electronic download from the University’s online planroom at: http://ucsbplanroom.com Once registered on the UCSB planroom site, prospective bidders may view and/or download Construction/Bidding Documents for free, or purchase a hard set copy from CyberCopy for a non-refundable fee of the actual cost of reproduction. CyberCopy 504 N. Milpas Street Santa Barbara, California 93103 Fax: (805) 884-5955

Posted 7/17/2013

Lowest Responsible Bidder: United Sealcoating and Slurry Seal

Posted 10/23/2013


Posted 7/12/2013

Posted 7/24/2013

Posted 8/01/2013

Posted 8/06/2013

Posted 8/15/2013