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Faculty Club Renovation and Guest House Addition

Posted 8/08/2013


Lowest Responsible Prime Bidder: Diani Building Corp.

Posted 9/30/2013

PROSPECTIVE SUBCONTRACTOR(S): The successful CM/General Contractor, Diani Building Corp., will initially perform Phase 1 (pre-construction) services to include the prequalification of selected subtrades and the development, advertising, competitive bidding and award of subcontractor bid packages. Phase 1 services are expected to run through mid-August 2014, and the various subcontractor trade packages will be bid out by Diani Building Corp. during the mid-June to late-July timeframe. After Phase 1 services are complete the University may, at its discretion, exercise Phase 2 (construction) services. Subcontractors interested in participating in Phase 2 (construction) services for the project should access the UCSB planroom at: www.ucsbplanroom.com. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Diani Building Corp. representative via electronic mail at gregt@diani.com.

Posted 6/19/2014


Posted 8/08/2013

Posted 8/08/2013

Posted 9/24/2013